"It is a remarkable paradox that this most ancient of art forms
is relatively new and unexplored in the western world..."



I love painting with my fingers. Getting my hands into the colors is exciting and feels good. And I like what happens on the paper.

The reviewer of my first show may have expressed your sentiments and those of many others when he wrote:

"I have a long-standing horror of fingerpaintings... and approached this show with trepidation."

But he emphatically concluded:

"Do see this."
IN MEMORIAM - Paul & Mary Ann Brandt

Whether or not you have similar misgivings I hope you will look at examples of my work and will agree that Finger Painting can be more than "kid stuff" which belongs only in the kindergarten classroom and on the refrigerator door. Most of all I hope you will try it for yourself - you may discover something wonderful in the medium and in yourself as well.

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