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Good Work! You've found a CyberSurfari Spring 2003 treasure!

Remember, perseverance is key...the more clues you submit, the better theprizes!

Enter your CyberSurfari Keycode in the space below and click the "Submit"button to add this treasure to your final score.

Caution: Be verycareful to type your keycode accurately. If it is incorrect, you will notreceive credit for the code. Also, if you mistakenly hit the submit buttontwice you may get a message that says the code has already been submitted.If the outpost is listed on your progress list, you can be sure that youreceived credit for it.

If you didn't get here by playing CyberSurfari, please visit CyberSurfari.Org for all thedetails on this fun, educational, and exciting Internet expedition.

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