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Faces are a relatively recent development for me - bizarre characters probably coming from the unconscious. But whatever they are and from wherever they come, they are friends I welcome and enjoy.

As with my other paintings the subject is usually not pre-planned.



"Each work must be taken separately, not only as a personal use of color and form, but also as a psychological portrait of the artist."

Ceres Slumbering

I became lost in this one. Musing over Nature's Bounty I decided to do a face wreathed in husks and leaves, with corn tassels for hair, leaving her features until last. And there she was - Ceres, Goddess of Earth's Fertility.

The Entertainers

"Mrs. Brandt's work is almost pure emotion, covering a wide range of attitudes, creating somewhat formalized images from the unconscious. They are very much like dreams."

The Good Time

Images looking up from the worn paint on my studio floor inspired these frivolous females. I enjoyed painting them...and I envy them a little.

King Uzziah

This was unplanned. While moving my hands in warm colors suddenly an eye stared sadly at me. And then came the troubled face. I sensed him to be one of the ancient Hebrew kings.


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