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"Figures often appear as if in solemn procession... others defined by Blakean drapery squat like desert Arabs focused on a receding funnel of light or looking toward a distant landscape..."

Figures were not intentional at first, but came from a slip of my finger - a delightful surprise. I think of them as Pilgrims...


The Returning

"Millions of spiritual creatures walk the earth
unseen, when we wake, and when we sleep."

-John Milton
Paradise Lost

When Druids Dance

The full moon at midnight was a sacred and symbolic hour for ancient Celtic ceremonies - and for my imagination.

*Entering Valhalla

When figures emerged from the murky grays near the bottom of this painting I imagined them to be heroes approaching Valhalla, and I moved with that idea.

Infinite Journey

I love it when these little creatures show up... Who are they? Where are they going?

"...exposure to the complexity and subtlety of her work shows that a child could never produce this."


"A vortex of paint pulls viewers into the bright revelation at the center of so much of her work."


My response to Faure's masterpiece. The huddled mass in the foreground watches a throng bearing spears and crosses surge toward Golgotha. Squiggles in their heads express confusion and horror.

Where Spring Begins

"Each has a sense of mysticism about it. Some are almost landscapes in which the trees are strange and the feeling is like that of a Tolkien country or some sort of dream voyage."

*Included in Tides, Vol. Three, University of Richmond, Virginia


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