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Some of my miniatures come from larger, failed paintings...

"The amazing thing about these tiny versions, some of which are no bigger than postage stamps, is that they display the same colorful complexity as her larger works and take on all kinds of space and drama."

During my first residency at the Virginia Center For The Creative Arts I stumbled onto a wonderful surprise. My objective at that time had been to paint in much larger scale than before, but while trying to paint BIG I ended up discovering small.

Early efforts in large scale painting were disappointing, and I cast them aside. Later while scanning these failures I discovered smaller possibilities within them - it was like finding hidden treasures. When cropped and mounted some of them stood on their own; others required further development.


Woodland Bouquet

Tornado Watch


Bayou Bateau



He Is Not Here


*Rain and

*"Painting Without a Brush" Quarto Publishing plc London 1991.

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