If you would like to try Finger Painting these suggestions will help you get started.



Materials: Finger paints and paper are available at most art and school supply stores. The paints come in standard colors. Finger paint paper is a good economical choice for early work. As your skills increase I suggest you try cold-press Bristol Board - a higher quality paper.


Methods: Work on an absolutely smooth and water resistant surface, such as a formica countertop. (Much of my early painting was done at our kitchen table - during the night when I had the table to myself.) Have a small pan of water, a damp washcloth, paper towels, and a few tongue depressors close by.


Dip your hand into the pan of water and thoroughly wet the surface with a smearing motion of your open palm. (Note: Remove all rings - they leave scratch marks on the paper.)

Place a sheet of finger paint paper onto the wet surface, and carefully smooth it out. Work progressively from the center out to either side using the edge of your hand - adding more water as needed to minimize friction on the paper. When all wrinkles and bubbles on the paper are eliminated you are ready to start painting.



Use tongue depressors to dip the colors onto moistened paper; get your fingers into the paint, move it around - experiment and enjoy!

I hope you will not stop after your first or second effort. In workshops I encourage at least three - to allow deeper levels to emerge - to get beyond the superficial.



When finished with your work, sign it with your fingernail, pick it up carefully by the top corners and lay it flat to dry on several thicknesses of spread-out newspapers. Drying time will range from a few hours to over night, depending on the consistency of the paint. When dry, press the painting under something flat and heavy - a plywood panel weighted with books will do.

Presentation:Whether framed or unframed a painting is enhanced by an appropriate mat. Mats in most any size and color can be cut at your local frame shop.


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