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"Many of her works are strong expressionist visions with limited ranges of color resembling the early watercolors of William Blake. There is considerable reliance on trees, grass and other recognizable forms... others display an energetic use of bright color and broad strokes that seems more like van Gogh. Perhaps it is the intensity of feeling that links the three artists in purpose."


Ladies of
the Corps

Crab apple trees in winter, no leaves, no blossoms, stood poised in a row along the path to my studio. These graceful skeletons greeted me each day. They looked like dancers.

A Sunny Spot in
a Dark Place

"...she is more closely akin to the Abstract Expressionists... gesture and giving free reign to the unconscious play an important part."

Black Trees
and Snow

"Light seems to grow from within her forms, turning inward, glowing, flowing smoothly or breaking up in agitated energy."

to the Core

"Many emerge as fantastic landscapes... the effect is calm in some, unsettling in others as if there is a menace underlying this little world she is creating."

Country Evening

I was complimented when a reviewer suggested comparisons with Van Gogh. With that in mind I came up with this.

Everlasting Arms

Most of my life has been lived in deep woods surrounded by giant trees, and many of my paintings are about trees - roots and trunks. Someone noted that my paintings rarely show the tops of trees. I rarely see the tops.

Marshland by Night No. 1

"Many are more or less representational. In her hands they took all kinds of space and an almost surreal drama, some are nearly abstract others suggesting storms and landscapes..."


I had finished for the day and was playing with the left-over paint on the palette when something took shape and I went with it.

*"Watercolor Landscape Techniques" Quarto Publishing plc, London 1996


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